An analysis of the current events and the bigger picture” (1/1/2022)

Dear reader,

As I mentioned earlier, I would write an item in which I’d share my view on the current events, and at the same time tell something about the video I'm working on.

During the past 3 months it has been necessary for me to insert a radio silence due to personal matters, but I notice that many people are suffering greatly from fear and despair, and I would like to share some thoughts with you that keep me going in these difficult times.

The worldview of many people has collapsed in a very short time, and many of them feel immensely pressured to find answers as quickly as possible; to gather as soon as possible all the knowledge that was unknown to them, but which turns out to be so indispensable in these bizarre times.

I know what this feels like.

‘Why is this happening?’, ‘What is the solution?’, ‘What can I do?’, many ask.

Initially I only wanted to explain my view on this in my next video because a very extensive substantiation is absolutely necessary to make the answers both understandable and plausible, but it will certainly take some time before this video is ready, and I realize that for many of us time is running out, or at least seems to be running out.

I believe that we can only approach the disturbing events in the world with confidence and positivity if we really understand the big picture.
Burying our heads in the sand, ignoring reality, or only partially understanding what's going on doesn't make sense in my opinion.

That is why in this piece of text I will discuss a number of key points, which I think can be of very great importance in understanding what is really going on (in my opinion), and how we can overcome these dark times wherein everything that is currently happening is just foreplay.
Not just coping, but much more than that.

In my opinion there are very great possibilities ahead for every person on earth, although unfortunately we have to face a number of painful facts in order to realize these.

This won't be a perfect story, and you'll have to wait for my next video for extensive substantiation and citations.
Many of you may think I'm crazy after reading this item, and I'm aware that I'm giving my critics an important weapon they can use against me, but that's okay.
It's more important to me that there may be some people out there I can offer some hope with this, or give them some new ideas.

You may have seen my video “Monopoly”.
In short, in that video I try to show that a very small group of extremely powerful families control the world economy and politics, and that this group has been working for generations on a "New World Order" to subject the ever-growing world population to a totalitarian, dictatorial world government that is supposed to control every aspect of our lives.
This alone is unbelievable to many – because – one wonders, if there is indeed such a group of extremely selfish figures, why would they care about the roll-out of plans from which they themselves will never reap the benefits, but only those who will be born many generations after their death?
I will come back to this in a moment, and in a very extensive way in my next video.

Yet those who have studied the current events and their history to some extent know that this "world government" has indeed been in the making for many generations, and that virtually every aspect of modern man's life is based entirely on manipulation and brilliantly orchestrated lies that were supposed to facilitate the final roll-out of this world government.

The elite, or families I speak of are part of bloodlines that have been in power since time immemorial. Among them were pharaohs, monarchs, landlords, emperors, popes, tax collectors, oppressors and dictators, and often they were the "counselors" of these kinds of figures.
We also saw and often see them in the form of philanthropists.

They are the founders and custodians of our mainstream way of life and everything that modern man is familiar with; the education system, the financial system, the pharmaceutical industry, science, the media, and every other industry in the world.
There is no doubt about this, and these facts are easy to verify.

You might find it interesting to read a bit about the influence of the Rockefellers, a branch of these ancient bloodlines, who single-handedly started the oil industry, the modern education system, the drug industry, and who were at responsible for the birth of the UN along with some other of these families.
Or about the Morgans and their role in the copper mines, the rise of Wall Street, or the transportation industry.
This family financed both Tesla and Edison in their legendary "war of the currents", and it is no coincidence that today’s electricity grid surrounds the entire earth in the form of copper wiring.

An increasing number of people are beginning to realize that our lives are very similar to that of hamsters in a cage.
That we live in a completely unnatural way, aimlessly running around on a hamster wheel without ever discovering the true essence of our existence.

The subtle form of slavery to which we are subjected is so ingeniously constructed that the only relative freedom modern man knows can only be bought with money.
Those who work hard, smart or sneakily have more resources, and perhaps more time to "enjoy" the many forms of leisure that the elite put at our disposal.
Money is therefore a deliberately created means of suppression, based on the "divide and conquer strategy", one of the elite's main weapons.
Sometimes people say that money is neutral, but in my opinion it is not. There has never been a fair distribution.

Those who print the money themselves live well outside the money system.
Money has value only for those who have to fight among themselves over the small amount that the elite makes available to the people.

One of the consequences of this is that those who throughout history have disliked hard work, or perhaps were not smart or sneaky enough, often did not shy away from robbing or even killing others to gain just a little more "liberties" for themselves.

What happened to all the native tribes and ancient peoples who walked the earth and lived in harmony with it?
Didn't they all vanish because "civilized man" buys his "liberties" with worthless coins and paper notes that were given to him as a reward for plundering the ancient peoples, their habitats and the precious metals and raw materials those habitats contained?

Well, let’s not wander off too much and let me keep it as short as possible for now.

The world government I am talking about is being rolled out in front of us.
Every so-called “conspiracy theory” is becoming reality, or has already become one.
Indirect vaccination mandate, or rather “indirect experimental gene therapy mandate”, is now a fact in many countries and will be followed by direct mandates, which is already planned or has already been introduced in a number of countries.

These mandates, which will eventually apply all over the world (if it is up to the elite), is of course not only about the “vaccine” itself, but mostly about the QR code that is linked to it.

The QR code is the Trojan Horse with which the elite want to subject Western society to a totalitarian, technocratic dictatorship such as was only known in China in recent history.

The QR code starts with a linked vaccination status, but will gradually take on an increasingly important role under the guise of "threatening situations".
The aim of this is a social credit system that, e.g. like the Chinese "Skynet", stores all data of a person in a database and links it all together on the fly.

Through facial recognition software, the system tracks and stores every step someone takes, along with that person's payment data, his or her medical data, as well as that person's behavior on the Internet, behavior in traffic and any other possible information about that person.
Based on all this kind of data, the AI system assesses the behavior of the citizen in question.

In China, and now here too, “undesirable behavior” is punished with the loss of points, which means that you lose certain “rights” or “freedoms”, and as a result will no longer have access to certain hospitals, schools and hotels, that the speed of your internet is reduced, that you are no longer allowed to go outside a certain radius of your hometown, and much more.

As you may have noticed, our global leaders around the world are paving the way for digital, government-issued means of payment; government cryptos.
These are to become the only legal means of payment in the world and will of course be linked to the social credit system.

In the long run, the QR code is about enabling the government to control every aspect of someone's life and direct it down to the last detail.

Did a person not have their 30th booster shot, or paid his/her taxes yet?
Unfortunately, that person won't be able to go anywhere.
The person can of course try to run off, but the only digital means with which he/she can pay will simply not work outside a certain distance from his/her place of residence.
The system is therefore more effective than an ankle bracelet.

The means by which the government cryptos will have to be pushed through will be the economic crash that has been carefully planned for over decades.
The unlimited printing of money is a system that cannot be sustained, and I think the inventors have always known that. It was basically a built-in escape route to make the system flip when the time would be ripe.
The corona crisis has pushed money printing to unprecedented heights, and inflation is currently skyrocketing worldwide.
The carefully planned crash will therefore not be far away..
The government crypto, in combination with a basic income, will be thrown to the population as a lifeline.

All that we see happening right now is just theatrical play and preparatory work to create the climate in which much of the world's population will come to agree to this not-so-disguised form of dictatorship.

Many of us are pinning our hopes on lawsuits against governments, politicians and institutions involved in the Covid Hoax.
Personally, I don't think anything major will come out of this for the time being, and any "victory wins" will just be sops.
We should not expect rescue from the thoroughly corrupt legal system.

Take the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, the ally of child smuggler Jeffrey Epstein.
One of the lead prosecutors in this case is Maurene Comey, the daughter of the heavily corrupt ex-FBI director James Comey, who was fired in 2017, among other things for covering up the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal, with which he tried to keep a hand over the heads of many well known elite-figures.
The Clintons were close friends with Epstein and Maxwell.

Maxwell is sacrificed and given a life sentence. However, the big boys and the organizations that Maxwell and Epstein worked for will remain unaffected, as will their most important clients.
One big puppet show.

The current divisions in society serve the elite perfectly.
They don't need the consent of the entire population.
As long as there is a group that supports it’s plans, they can use brainwashed cops to use unrestrained violence to suppress dissenters, and sadly we have witnessed this for almost 2 years now.

The elite know that half of the population will no longer agree with the decisions of the government at some point, but they also know that only 10 to 20% of that 50% will resist.
This is also a tried and tested aspect of the eternal divide-and-conquer strategy, the eternal Red vs Blue.

Who would have thought that so many people would unthinkingly accept that their unvaccinated fellow humans, their neighbors and their relatives would be denied access to places like restaurants and shopping malls? To places that the government labels as “not essential”?
Anyone who paid a little attention during the history lessons about the Second World War you would say, if people did not react like being stung by a wasp when one makes comparisons with a period with which many parallels can be discerned.

In my new video I will try to show the main ways in which humanity has been fooled throughout history, but for now I just want to outline a few key points.

I'm not going to sugarcoat it.
In my opinion, the coming times will be emotionally very difficult for a large part of the population.
We grew up in a society in which we outsourced almost everything.
We relied on doctors for our health, we buy food on every street corner, most people are covered by insurance, and the TV is filling our heads with bite-sized chunks of information and entertainment.
Yet this is not the "real" life.

All this was part of the "land of boys", the golden cage forged by the elite, created to make humans as dependent as possible.
Now the confrontational moment has arrived when those who no longer want to be part of the old system will be tested on their willingness to jump into the deep end, face the difficulties and perhaps their greatest fears.
Do we follow our hearts and do we accept that earthly life also consists of letting go? Or do we look the other way and give in to the demands of the oppressors in order to pretend that everything is just as it was when we were in sweet ignorance?

I am now going to say something, and make a comparison that will seem very strange to some, but imagine that perhaps this elite knows something about man that we ourselves are not allowed to know, and that life is actually about something very different than about being born, going to school, working, consuming, reproducing and die?

Imagine there was a goal, just like in any computer game or during a game of chess.
In a computer game you have to go through different levels and overcome many obstacles.
For you as a player, it might be a fun pastime because you're not the character you play with, and you don't have to physically fight the bad guys in the game.
If that had been the case, there was a good chance that you would endlessly avoid these bad guys and because of this you would never progress a level, let alone finish the game.

If you were to endlessly avoid confrontation with your opponent while playing chess and try to save every pawn, you would continue to walk endlessly around the board.

As I said, this is a strange comparison for many.
“Our life is definitely not a computer game, is it?” you may think.

In my next video I want to show you that life turns out to be completely different than we were told.

I have come to the conclusion, after researching it fairly thoroughly, that there is an absolute goal.
The elite knows this, and has always known this.
Its job is to distract us from that goal, and make it as difficult as possible for us to achieve it.
Throughout history there have been many peoples, nations and even entire civilizations who did know this purpose and meaning of life.
Some of the vanished peoples I talked about earlier for example, and these have not been wiped off the face of the earth just because of their raw materials.
True diversity has had to give way, not only now, but throughout history to an elite-created diversity with the aim of erasing the old knowledge from the collective memory.
Ancient knowledge that, among other things, led to civilizations all over the earth being able to build structures and produce artifacts that cannot be replicated even with the most advanced techniques of today.

Our history books are full of lies laced together to make us forget who or what we really are, and why we are actually here.

Not only now dissenters and truth spreaders are censored and silenced, but throughout history, and always under the watchful eye of the same elite.

Whether it was the "witch" burnings, the Catholic Church's crusades that killed all the so-called "heretics" who could endanger its power, or the book burnings by the nazis; the principals and their intentions were the same.

The current step towards the new world order symbolizes for the elite the definitive break with the old world, or with what still existed of that old world. This is only one of the reasons that the elderly in particular were immediately isolated because of the outbreak of this fake pandemic, and that the very young have since then been hastily taught to behave as antisocial, fearful, but above all very obedient creatures. “Learned young, done old” is a Dutch exoression that means something like “What is learned in the craddle is carried to the tomb.”

In the ideal world of the elite, there is no human contact as we are used to, and people cannot exchange knowledge with each other except the knowledge that is allowed, preferably at a distance of one and a half meters or via digital contact.

Why do the elite want this? As I said, these figures know that the world is completely – with an emphasis on completely – different than what they have tried to convince us of through various institutions such as education, controlled religions, the media and the scientific institutions financed by them.

Of course I don't mean to say that every teacher, priest, journalist or scientist has a double agenda. On the contrary; most of them have the best of intentions and only proclaim what they themselves have been taught. There are also plenty of self-thinking, brave individuals among them who express opinions contrary to those of the established order, but usually this means the end of their careers, and these people can count on a lot of opposition and ridicule within their fields.

Anyway, anyone who studies all of the above will soon discover that the elite have a different understanding of life and death than the average person.
They know that what man considers "reality" is only an illusion of the five senses.
Unlike those who think that what is seen by the eye is “reality”, this elite knows very well that there is much more than that.

A number of brilliant, independently thinking quantum scientists have shown us that the saying “what you see is what you get” is rather outdated, to say the least.

The "physical" reality that you and I may think we live in is an illusion created in the brain as the senses pick up electromagnetic radiation and other waves/vibrations that are converted into images, sounds, smells, tastes and sensations.
These are then perceived by something called the consciousness, and this consciousness is a total mystery to almost every modern scientist because there was virtually nothing about it in their textbooks.

Consciousness is the real ME. The real YOU. The I AM.
It is that which views the images that the brain produces.
It is not that which thinks, but that which observes the thoughts and determines whether or not they are morally acceptable.
With the right practice, however, this consiousness can gain control over the thoughts and learn to direct them.
Consciousness is that which never consents to discrimination, oppression, violence or hurting others.
It's that which keeps the body up at night when we've hurt someone, and that which makes a placebo sometimes work better than a drug.

I will elaborate on this in my next video, but just for the sake of clarity;
consciousness is not physical and is not produced by the body, but vice versa, and some quantum scientists are only now beginning to understand this, even though ancient peoples knew this many thousands of years ago.

The fact is that all matter, including our bodies, consists of atoms packed together. These in turn consist of protons and neutrons (the nucleus) that are surrounded by rapidly vibrating electrons.

What's so special about this?

These protons, neutrons and electrons are not matter at their core, but pure energy consisting of waves/vibrations, and they are without a doubt driven by an extremely intelligent consciousness.

Matter does not exist.
When we seem to shake hands, the negatively charged electrons in both "hands" repel each other, so that our "bodies" do not merge into each other.
The brain receives some electrical signals, and then consciousness experiences the sensation of "touching each other".

The absolute origin of everything is consciousness, and as I said, the ancient peoples knew this.
Their buildings, but also the many writings they left behind testify of an immense knowledge of this principle.

In many "religious" and spiritual writings we find this ancient principle, but often well disguised in a kind of "code language" for reasons that I will try to explain in my next video.
The 'In the beginning there was the word...' is a textbook example of this code language.
By the word is meant the essence of which every matter or thought consists: vibrations, waves. Sound vibration in this case. Created in a paradoxical way, but definitely created.

While evolution is a real phenomenon, it can only take place when it is preceded by a consciousness that directs it, causing the "building blocks" of atoms to arrange themselves in an orderly fashion for the benefit of an "evolving" being or object.

However, we were not told this in Darwin's theory of evolution.
Yet this theory has been used as a guideline in the education system designed by the Rockefellers to lead man astray into believing that he is a coincidence in the equally "accidental" universe.
An evolved monkey that once came crawling out of the water like a fish.

If humans only discovered their true origins, the dominant position of our oppressors would soon be endangered.

Yes, we have been tricked by this elite.
In small temples and backrooms, these figures perform dark rituals that are called "Satanic".
Everywhere they can they confront us with symbolism referring to these rituals, and one needs only to delve into horrific phenomena such as ritual abuse, the "Demmink cover-up", Epstein Island, the Bohemian Grove, the Satanic cult of Nazi SS leader Heinrich Himmler, the transfer of the Throne of Satan to Berlin, or into the many world-famous followers (such as The Beatles) of Satanist Aleister Crowley to realize that Satanism is a real phenomenon that runs through the life of modern man like a thread.
In fact, Satanism is taught to modern man through movies, music, events and pop concerts, and yet most of us laugh about this idea because our brains have been conditioned to identify the term Satan with a red devil holding a trident, and the term God with an old male figure who has a white beard and lives above the clouds.
These are consciously created misconceptions.

Our universe is made up of countless kinds of waves and vibrations.
We all know what radio waves, microwaves and X-rays are.
These are examples of electromagnetic waves, just like light.
Sound waves are called acoustic waves.
The number of vibrations within a certain period of time is called the frequency, and it is expressed in Hertz.
The human eye perceives light vibrations between 400 and 790 terahertz, and it is known that several animal species can also see light vibrations from outside this radius, such as ultraviolet.

To understand what is meant by Satanism, we must realize that the waves that surround us, or that we produce ourselves, determine how we feel and how healthy our bodies are.
Our bodies are electromagnetic fields.
When we experience emotions like fear and hate, we emit lower frequencies than when we are cheerful, feeling love or happiness.

Scientific experiments have shown that certain cancer cells get destroyed when they are confronted with sound waves between 100,000 and 300,000 hz, while the surrounding healthy cells remain unharmed.

What I'm saying is that different life forms, or different forms in which consciousnes experiences a certain “reality”, thrive at different frequencies within the infinite spectrum, and many of those life forms cannot be perceived by human senses.
These are not fairy tales, but facts.

A certain frequency can have a stimulating effect on creature A, while the same frequency can have the opposite effect on creature B.

I'll keep it short for now, but I'll come back to this in detail in my upcoming video.

By Satan is meant a form of consciousness that thrives at certain frequency heights that resonate with the frequencies that we emit when we are anxious, sad, sick and tense.
These emotions feed it, as it were.
It is a force that is very real, extremely powerful, and it has nothing to do with the devil in horror movies.
It is a form of consciousness that is present throughout our universe, and this force is constantly fighting human consciousness over the control of our bodies, which are kind of like the electromagnetic vehicles through which we can experience this "reality", our world.

Does the comparison with a computer game still seem so far-fetched?

Contrary to our consciousness, Satan is an invasive force, like a cancer cell that can only grow at the expense of healthy cells, and for this reason this force must be constantly balanced by forces of the opposite nature.
This principle is summarized in the ancient Yin Yang symbol.

Why am I telling you all of this?

Because I think it's extremely important for people to realize that "The Great Reset" isn't simply a coup by a handful of psychopathic billionaires who have been striving for world control for generations.
There are forces at work here that are many times greater.

“The Great Reset” is the ultimate attack on human consciousness, on the soul.
To make things more understandable, let us for a moment not consider the principle that matter does not exist in the first place, and let us think of the body as a preprogrammed computer with a built-in operating system that keeps things running.

However, how and for what purpose the computer is used, depends on the consciousness that controls this computer, the body.
When we talk about Satanists, we are actually talking about persons who put themselves in the service of the Satanic consciousness.
In return, these individuals are allowed to experience fame, money, sex, and other things they desire in this illusion that we call the world.
In common language this is called “selling one’s soul to the devil”.

In such a situation, the consciousness remains the perceiving, experiencing entity, but recedes into the background and allows the body, and thus the actions, to be controlled by the Satanic consciousness.
This works many times more subtly than the demonic possession as depicted in movies.
Many of us will, to some extent, recognize the situation wherein we do things that make us afterwards say, "What the hell got into me?"

We experienced these moments consciously, and yet our actions were clearly not guided by our consciousness, but by feelings such as desire, fear or jealousy.

When we talk about the elite, we are talking about the highest priests and servants of the Satanic cult, who pass on their power from generation to generation, and who are controlled by conscious beings called archons.

This knowledge places everything, absolutely everything, in a completely different perspective; who, or what we really are, the meaning of our very existence.
Not only does it make us understand why there is suffering, but it is also the way out of that suffering.
For there is not only a dark force called Satan, Baal, Moloch or the devil, but also that force of which our own consciousness is a part;
the force that gives life to everything, nourishes and protects everything that comes into contact with it.
The force that was given different names in many languages, including God.

Again, and with all due respect, this is not a vengeful, punishing entity as described in some religious scriptures. Not a bearded man who sits on a throne above the clouds, who enjoys blood sacrifices and despises women.
All the world's religions sprang from the same ancient source of wisdom, and the sacred writings all contain the same profound truths, but also many subtle astrays have been made over the years, and important religious texts have been deliberately removed to divide humanity. and to entangle us in dogmas. This I will also show this extensively in my next documentary.

I just wanted to share this introduction with you because you may be worried about the future, or that of your loved ones.
You do not have to be scared.

We as humans are currently being given the opportunity to free ourselves from the matrix, the Samsara, the great deception of the 5 senses. Forever.
We can start doing this by not giving in to fear, by allowing consciousness to lead, and most importantly by harmonizing our thoughts, feelings and actions with the force of which our consciousness is a part. The all encompassing being that is called God, the One or the Source.

A bird never needs to fear that it will starve to death. The animal is one with the force that guides it. It needs no supermarkets nor insurance, but it lets itself be carried away by the air currents and it will eat and find a place to stay wherever it goes.

Everything will be fine as long as you listen to that voice inside you, but it may not happen in the way you expect.
It is the voice of the loving, creating force that wants us to find out who we really are, but in order to do so we first have to discover what we are NOT, and this is a very painful process.

We are not our job, our home, our status or our appearance.
We are not dependent on trips to restaurants and events.

These things are all outward appearances by which the elite imprisones us in their artificial world – because indeed – this artificial reality in which our consciousness is imprisoned was created by the satanic force.
The elite's goal is to keep us prisoners here for as long as they are allowed, and their ultimate asset is our fear of death, which eventually even doesn't exist.
This fear keeps the entire system, and every industry on Earth, running.
Man hastily runs from death, gets vaccinated 30 times and goes along with government policies because he does not understand that he is immortal.

Consciousness, the real YOU is not physical and is beyond time and space.
You are eternal.

This was all for now.
In my next video I will share a lot more interesting things with you, because even though this item may seem a bit long, it was really just a preview to what is coming.
I hope that these words have served you as an inspiration, or that I may have been able to take away some of the fears you might have felt.

I wish you much love and health in 2022.
I hope you will experience many beautiful moments.

Be kind to others, and seek the light within you when it is dark outside.
See you soon, much love,